VIP Safety and Protection

Government figures, a-list celebrities or anyone in the public eye knows the one thing that they can’t afford to compromise on is the safety of their home, assets, or personal wellbeing.

  • In our technology driven world, the prominence of social media and use of Google maps have made it easier than ever for planned theft and break-ins to take place. Combined with the fact that professional burglars have the advanced knowledge and tools to evade being caught, many high-status individuals are at risk of target.
  • A Plus Security works with a number of protection teams for VIPs and public figures providing around-the-clock security and peace of mind, through installing fully bespoke, robust, and integrated systems.
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IT Integration

It’s rare for security solutions to rely on using one technology alone these days, due to its limited effectiveness. A Plus Security integrates multiple systems for optimal security and deterring burglary, theft and trespassing of a property.


CCTV has advanced from basic image capturing to face or number plate recognition, even before individuals have entered the premises. Automated number plate recognition (ANPR) can identity unknown or blacklisted vehicles from approaching and alert if they do so multiple times. This raises an alarm and logs the vehicle details.

For properties at high risk of theft (particularly in rural areas), investing in an advanced CCTV system is a crucial deterrent.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarms prevent trespassing and unwanted entry – deterring burglary before it happens.

To highlight the effectiveness of having an alarm system, 89% of ex-convicts stated that they would be put off from targeting a home with a smart security system.

Ranging from basic alarms to the more complex, A Plus Security systems can automatically record intruder activity and interface with access control systems for electrically locked doors.

Access Control

Prevention is by far the most effective measure when it comes to home security and access control works perfectly in addition to an intruder alarm system.

A Plus Security installs bespoke and advanced access control systems, enabling full monitoring and record keeping of who enters, for immediate and retrospective checks.

Our systems can be fully integrated with intruder alarms and CCTV, as well as including fingerprint technology and facial recognition.

What our
clients have to
say about us

A Plus provides an excellent return on investment, not just through the solution installed, but the general experience they offer from pre-install to post-install and right through to the maintenance of the system. We knew we had made the right decision with A Plus as they offered a comprehensive and detailed proposal and project plan. The skill level of their engineers was a pleasant surprise with their knowledge of IT and networks, as well as electronic security, which made dealing with our internal IT team very smooth. Apart from that, the fact we never had to chase them for anything was a very nice surprise!

International Group of Schools

A Plus Security exceeded all expectations, following a late award of the contract due to a different contractor pulling out. All fire and security works were completed when requested and signed off on finish, with no issues noted. We have continued working with A Plus on following projects and would fully recommend them.

Operations Manager of P&M Electrical