Event Security

In addition to physical security measures, events on any scale also require strong IT security systems to provide a safe environment for attendees and staff, to monitor access, numbers and movement, for instance.

    A Plus Security specialises in bespoke security solutions for events ranging in size and sector - from large music festivals and arenas, to intimate, high-profile government/VIP events, or conferences.

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Crowd management

Crowd management is often a challenge for large venues, as large crowds can attract unwanted guests. A prime example which highlights the importance of strong and integrated security is the 2020 Euros Semi Finals, where vulnerabilities in security led to groups of non-ticket holders gaining access to the stadium through forced entry.

A Plus Security specialises in access control systems that integrate with CCTV and perimeter detection - sensors placed along a fence line will reliably detect attempts to climb or cut a fence, and feedback to a central point.

QR code technology

In an increasingly paperless, digital era, investing in high quality, reliable IT systems that don’t fail on the day keeps flow of traffic moving.

Depending on the level of security you require, QR technology can be integrated with facial or fingerprint recognition.


Theft and assault are common problems faced by late night venues, often driven by alcohol and substance use. Temporary CCTV systems provide coverage to all areas of a venue which ensures suspects can be easily identified and swiftly removed from the venue.

As technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few years, up to date systems are vital to provide clear, all-round coverage – to make the process of identifying, reporting and resolving incidents is as smooth as possible.


Bespoke systems offer higher, more flexible levels of protection than standard solutions. We’ll assess potential threat and risk level at your venue, before creating a bespoke plan of action to prevent or minimise impacts should the worst happen.

We would be happy to apply our extensive event and venue security expertise to your next event - our 60 years’ combined experience means that we’ll always find an answer to your challenge.

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What our
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A Plus provides an excellent return on investment, not just through the solution installed, but the general experience they offer from pre-install to post-install and right through to the maintenance of the system. We knew we had made the right decision with A Plus as they offered a comprehensive and detailed proposal and project plan. The skill level of their engineers was a pleasant surprise with their knowledge of IT and networks, as well as electronic security, which made dealing with our internal IT team very smooth. Apart from that, the fact we never had to chase them for anything was a very nice surprise!

International Group of Schools

A Plus Security exceeded all expectations, following a late award of the contract due to a different contractor pulling out. All fire and security works were completed when requested and signed off on finish, with no issues noted. We have continued working with A Plus on following projects and would fully recommend them.

Operations Manager of P&M Electrical