Construction sites require robust security to protect machinery from theft and damage, and to prevent the public from coming into contact with hazardous material.

    A Plus Security are specialists within the construction industry, by assessing areas of risk and installing a range of reliable, up to date security systems to protect the perimeter of the site.

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Construction projects

With our experience of the sector, A Plus Security work closely with the onsite MEP companies to install our full range of Fire, Security and IT systems within the project site to meet the clients specification and design. We have previously worked on projects ranging from £10k to £700k with a very high level of repeat business. Providing high quality engineers and management to ensure the final installation is of the highest standards. All systems are catered and designed to meet the sites specific requirements and security risks.

A plus service includes detailed design, verification and validation, installation, commissioning and maintenance services to meet required timescales of projects.

Perimeter control

Acting as the first line of defence, perimeter control prevents unauthorised access by securing areas closed off to the public. The presence of barriers or concrete blocks can act as a visual deterrent alone, by sending out signals that the area is monitored.

For high-risk sites, security can be enhanced through integrations with perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), which uses sensors to detect movement and trigger an alert whenever an individual has crossed a certain point.

Temporary CCTV towers

CCTV towers provide eyes in the sky to monitor activity from all angles. As construction sites hold high-value equipment, machinery and tools, they are common targets for night-time, or weekend theft. Temporary CCTV towers offer round the clock monitoring and provide evidence that can be used in court.

A Plus Security install a range of CCTV systems, including analytics which detects and records movement to offer a proactive solution.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring offers peace of mind during times that the area is unoccupied, or when lone workers are on-site.

Not only does it provide a fast, and proactive response to theft or trespassing, but it can benefit project managers with managing budget or timescales by offering progress on the project in real-time.

Expert consultancy

A Plus Security will assess the current risk level of the site to determine which systems are required. With a wealth of experience consulting construction site managers, paired with 60 years’ combined industry expertise, any challenge can be confidently met.

What our
clients have to
say about us

A Plus provides an excellent return on investment, not just through the solution installed, but the general experience they offer from pre-install to post-install and right through to the maintenance of the system. We knew we had made the right decision with A Plus as they offered a comprehensive and detailed proposal and project plan. The skill level of their engineers was a pleasant surprise with their knowledge of IT and networks, as well as electronic security, which made dealing with our internal IT team very smooth. Apart from that, the fact we never had to chase them for anything was a very nice surprise!

International Group of Schools

A Plus Security exceeded all expectations, following a late award of the contract due to a different contractor pulling out. All fire and security works were completed when requested and signed off on finish, with no issues noted. We have continued working with A Plus on following projects and would fully recommend them.

Operations Manager of P&M Electrical