Fire Systems

A Plus Security are an NSI gold and BAFE fire registered company. We provide a range of fire protection systems and services - from a single zone conventional panel, up to a large multi panel network of addressable systems, with a full PAVA evacuation system.


  • Life Safety
  • Property protection
  • Domestic alarms (with a Grade A or B rating)

By law, all premises must have a fire protection system, to be maintained twice a year. A Plus Security ensures that your premises complies to all legal requirements and latest regulations.

As we have zero allegiances with any manufacturer, you’ll only receive a system that is right for your needs, based on our extensive marketplace expertise.


  • Conventional + addressable systems


    Aspirating smoke detector fire systems offer a highly accurate, and faster detection response to potential fires than regular smoke detectors.

    With a wide choice of systems available to choose from, starting from basic units to cover small areas, all the way through to high-end systems to cover multiple rooms and large spaces, A Plus Security have a wealth of experience in designing, installing, and maintaining ASD fire systems.

    Where an ASD fire system should be used - ASD systems act as the first call of defence, vital for high risk environments such as museums, energy centres or server rooms, where the effects of a fire would cause the end of business continuity. ASD systems work differently to standard fire alarms by their ability to detect smoke before its seen by the naked eye. As early detection of fire is critical to preventing destruction, ASD alarms serve as one of the most effective forms of fire prevention on the market. They also offer a non-invasive presence, ideal for high-end residential areas or receptions, where aesthetics are important to maintain.

    What you can expect - We’ll firstly review your fire risk assessment or drawing to review what is required. If this is unavailable, we’ll conduct a survey to determine your exact site requirements. Next we’ll arrange a quote, outlining the items to be installed, in addition to the grade and level of system, plus location of devices. Once your order is placed, a drawing will be drafted to visually represent what the project will entail.

What our
clients have to
say about us

A Plus provides an excellent return on investment, not just through the solution installed, but the general experience they offer from pre-install to post-install and right through to the maintenance of the system. We knew we had made the right decision with A Plus as they offered a comprehensive and detailed proposal and project plan. The skill level of their engineers was a pleasant surprise with their knowledge of IT and networks, as well as electronic security, which made dealing with our internal IT team very smooth. Apart from that, the fact we never had to chase them for anything was a very nice surprise!

International Group of Schools

We chose A-Plus Security to carry out the upgrade of our electronic security systems for our 9 colleges and they have far exceeded our expectations in their approach to the projects. We are a UK wide organisation where the planning and mobilising of these major project around term times is time critical and A Plus Security have been nothing short of fantastic in the communication, there design proposals, openness to last minute changes, pre and post-sales support and their management of 3rd party companies and IT services. We would highly recommend A Plus Security to any organisation who are looking to install or upgrade their systems.

Nationwide Groups of Colleges

A Plus Security exceeded all expectations, following a late award of the contract due to a different contractor pulling out. All fire and security works were completed when requested and signed off on finish, with no issues noted. We have continued working with A Plus on following projects and would fully recommend them.

Operations Manager of P&M Electrical