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What are the Benefits of an Access Control System?

22 October 2020

What are the Benefits to having an Access Control System? 

Having an access control solution installed on premises prevents unauthorised access to a site and helps protect the people and assets within them. At the same time, it may also act as a safety measure by preventing people going near dangerous equipment or areas that are deemed of limits to unauthorised personnel.

Whilst a standard lock and key maybe the simplest and lowest cost form of access control and remains by far the most popular door security, it’s a low security, low-tech option and keys can easily be copied, and locks can be picked. Furthermore, when you have many people and many locked doors, key management becomes difficult to manage.

There many different access control systems on the market, with a wide selection of features and functions. With a basic system you have keypad systems requiring users to enter a PIN number and sometimes a swipe or proximity card. These more basic systems can be standalone and offer basic functionality. Other more advanced solutions can include proximity systems or biometric systems where you present a card, fob or other read technologies at a reader without needing to touch it. The more advanced systems come with more advanced features so the management and interrogation of the system can be more granular and defined.


The Benefits of an Access Control System:

By preventing unauthorised access to a site helps protect premises and the people and assets within them

Restricting Access

This allows for personnel to gain access into areas they only have authorisation for. This can also act as a safety measure, preventing people from going near a potentially dangerous area or equipment


Access control systems are highly flexible. You can programme them to only permit individual’s access to particular doors at set times as well as setting scheduled access for personnel to be allowed to access areas at certain times

Controlling Access

With electronic access control, a single-entry device grants access to every door that person is authorised to access, so this removes the need for keys

No Physical Key

If you are using proximity cards and the card is lost by an individual, it’s a far easier situation to manage as you have full control over the system and can instantly remove access to that card and re-issue another. If a physical key is lost there is no way to block it or be sure that it has not fallen into the wrong hands.

Record History of Entry

Another benefit of electronic access control is history logging. This can be an invaluable tool when investigating an incident, or for tracking personnel or activities internally. Furthermore, when an outside contractor or visitor needs access, the door can be opened remotely without any effort.

Protect your business

An access control system is by far the more practical solution, making it an important asset to any organisation. By investing in the latest access control technologies, businesses will benefit from a system that will help protect assets and create a safe environment for employees and visitors.

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what are the benefits of an access control system

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