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The Benefits Of Remote Video Monitoring

14 May 2021

Why use remote video monitoring?

With the impending return to the workplace following the relaxation of lockdown measures it is thought that there will be a change to the way we work and the number of hours that will be spent in an office environment. With this comes more flexibility for the employees and employers alike but also leaves offices spaces unmanned for longer periods of time leaving them vulnerable to potential intruders. This is where remote Video Surveillance monitoring can play a critical role in securing a proper, but some businesses are concerned about how proactive it really is. Without a live monitoring service in the mix, surveillance might offer nothing more than evidential playback after something after an incident has occurred.

What are the options? How can businesses be more proactive in their surveillance and security efforts?


Remotely Monitored Surveillance: A Breakdown

Remote video monitoring is a solution that takes surveillance from reactive to proactive and here’s how it works to achieve that.

It starts with intelligent camera analytics, which are set up to monitor and detect unwanted activity based on your defined presets.

For example: if your property is off limits from 6 PM to 6 AM, your system would recognise that. As a result, if someone were loitering on your site during that window of time, your system would pick up on it and automatically trigger an alarm to a remote monitoring station and/or a smartphone.

At the remote monitoring station, professional operators would monitor your live video feeds to view activity. They would then take action based on both their professional judgment and your personal response requests, which should be discussed as you implement the service.


What are the Advantages?

Using remote video monitoring for properties can offer several benefits, regardless of the industry. Here are five major advantages of the service:


1. Affordable Security Guard Alternative

Employing or contracting onsite security guards is a great way to protect your people and property, but it can be costly. By using a remote service to assist a current guard in monitoring your site instead of hiring additional guards, you can reduce guard costs by upwards of 50%.

This makes it a cost-effective solution for many businesses, especially those without the resources to hire overnight security staff.


2. Crime Reduction

Crimes like theft, vandalism and trespassing are threats a business or organisation will always be forced to face. Fortunately, yours can reduce such crime by implementing effective barriers.

With remote video monitoring, you have remote operators available at all times to step in and take action when necessary. Operators can take action in a number of ways, whether it’s calling the keyholders, the police or setting off an onsite alarm. This is a disruptive barrier for criminals and can prevent a situation from escalating.


3. Improved Police Response

To deal with something like a break-in, a business needs the police at the scene as quickly as possible. Remote video monitoring aids in that response in a few ways.

The first way is by providing awareness. If a break-in were to happen overnight, it could go undetected and/or unreported for hours. But with an operator monitoring your site, you can rest assured that someone is watching and ready to dispatch the police immediately.

Remote video monitoring also provides video verification. False alarms are a real issue for response teams. But with video verification by an agent, you would have confirmation of an alarm in the shortest possible time, moving you up on the priority list for authorities.


4. Out of Hours Protection

Most businesses need adequate security out of office hours when no one is present. Overnight security guards are an option but working an overnight shift can be exhausting and even dangerous when physical altercations take place.

Remote video monitoring is always fully functional. It does not sleep, stays alert at all hours and ensures multiple agents are available to handle situations as they come.


5. Effective Coverage

While security guards are a valuable defence against unwanted activity, they come with limits. A guard cannot oversee multiple areas of a building at once, which means criminals could target areas not being watched.

With intelligent camera analytics, remote video monitoring can cover multiple areas at once. The service can even be programmed to complete remote site patrols of designated areas on a set schedule. This means vigilant back-up for your security staff.


For more information about Video Surveillance Systems, click here. If you are interested in a system for your business, contact our experts or call +44 (0) 1702 293157. 

The Benefits Of Remote Video Monitoring

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We needed to roll out the new system throughout Scotland, London and Europe which was very challenging. A Plus and their advice and flexibility made this process much easier for the whole project team. The one to one dialogue and personal service has been excellent. We can speak to a familiar voice at any time, morning and night which has exceeded our expectations. Since the project roll out was completed, we have been able to centrally control the physical security of the Government’s Estates seamlessly. The process Is now simpler which has led to better productivity.

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