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The Benefits of Monitored CCTV

26 November 2021

One thing we always present to a client when carrying out a system design is a proactive over reactive response to any potential breach to their property as we feel this is key to the safety and security of there staff, residents or students.

Having a system that gives the users the ability to be proactive and stop any potential security incident before they threaten the security of occupants is key when considering a new or an upgrade on a CCTV surveillance system.

However, having the CCTV footage of an incident can be vital retrospectively as the CCTV footage can provide evidence that assists in internal, Police investigations and even criminal prosecutions. We look at some key benefits where remote CCTV monitoring can be an integral component of a CCTV surveillance system for your properties and staff.


Having visible cameras alone can be seen as a deterrent for a potential intruder, but with experience, this is not always the case and CCTV cameras alone are not always the answer.

Having a CCTV system that is continually monitored in and out of hours will alert an operator and allow them to track an individual with the knowledge that the system is also recording their presence. This deterrent along with the possibilities of audio to warn off a potential intruder before entry on to your premises is an ideal outcome.


Visible cameras, signage and warnings of CCTV in operation is a good way of advertising the presence of a CCTV systems but unfortunately some potential intruders are not that easily put off.

A modern CCTV system can detect an intrusion as it happens in real time. Technologies such as video analytics, smart tracking, thermal detection to name a few can detect an incident as it happens allowing an operator to proactively react to the incident and avoid potential thefts, criminal damage or even injury before it happens.

When a CCTV system is monitored, this early detection allows for an operator to investigate and determine the next cause of actions for the threat and the level of the response that is required to prevent the incident from escalating further.


Once an incident is in progress, it is integral to prevent the progression of the incident and how can the CCTV system assist in this? We mentioned earlier in the article that audio can act as a good deterrent, it can also assist in being defence in stopping an intruder from progressing further. Live audio warnings that can be pre-recorded or even operators that speak via a remote microphone to prevent any potential incidents progressing further

Having audio warnings offer a preventative solution where, if they were not an option, CCTV footage would only be recorded and interrogated retrospectively and by this time the damage may have already been done.


Having the systems in place to protect a property are only as good as the protocols that are in place to be able to verify a threat or incident. Having someone that can confirm that the alarm that has been triggered is key to avoid false alarms. Although modern systems are extremely intelligent, they can suffer false alarms so ensuring that the alarm is genuine will assist the alarm receiving centre in making sure the emergency services are notified. Large volumes of false alarms can cause problems with the emergency services and their abilities to respond to what must always be a confirmed alarm.

A monitored CCTV surveillance system delivers the ability of visually confirming what has triggered an alarm. This is important in supporting the credibility of an alarm signal when escalating an incident that requires a physical response from emergency services.

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