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The Benefits of Barriers and Gates

16 December 2021

Security barriers and gates can play an important role in protecting your premises. They act as the initial line of defence when approaching the perimeter of a property and they are an excellent way of controlling vehicles that enter your site and also a key component in traffic management. In this blog, we will look at the types of Gates and Barriers available, what benefits they can offer and the responsibilities of owning one.

The Main types of Security Barriers and Gates:

  • Swing or Pedestrian gates, including single and double swing gates
  • Automatic or Manual Barriers
  • Sliding gates, including track and cantilever slide gates
  • Bi-folding gates
  • Motorised shutters
  • Access gates using access control readers and/or Intercoms

The Main Benefits of Using Barriers and Gates

Cost Effective - When looking at the costs of a physical guard, barriers can prove to be very cost effective in the long term

All Round Protection - Barriers and gates ensure your premises are protected at all times, night and day.

A Physical Deterrent - Barriers and gates are a superb deterrent which act as barrier against unauthorised access

Greater Control - Barriers and gates give you greater control for means of access whether that is on site or remotely controlled access

Building Insurance – Insurance companies can offer discounted premiums for properties with enhanced security measures

Health and safety – A secure barrier can offer piece of mind to staff, there vehicles and the knowing that they are within a property that has taken the correct measures for health and safety

Capture data - You can capture data including timings of people and vehicles entering and leaving your premises, traffic numbers on specific days or events, staff behaviour and more.

What Sectors are Barriers and Gates Used?

Barriers and Gates can be used in almost all sectors and industries, the type of solution may differ from sector to sector but there is a solution for every scenario. Some sectors may lean towards heavy duty gates that are resistant to force as a high security measure, other may just require a simple barrier solution to control traffic. Example sectors would include Industrial, Government, Commercial Business, Factories, Domestic, Education and many more.

Important Information about Barriers and Gates

Security gates are classified as ‘industrial machinery’ by law. As you can see from the HSE statement below, you are responsible for maintaining your security gate and are liable for any damage or injury the gate causes. For example, if you fail to maintain your gate, the mechanism is not maintained, and the gate dysfunctions, you are responsible for any potential damage.

“Powered gates forming parts of workplaces or in common parts of residential complexes will be subject to health and safety law. Owners, occupiers, landlords and managing agents will have on-going responsibilities for the safety of all users and all those who may encounter the gate.”

If there is a problem with your gate? Or are you looking to have a barrier or gate installed on your premises? Contact our experts here or call us on 01702 293157 for more information.

The Benefits of Barriers and Gates

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