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Electronic Security Systems Integration

09 August 2021

The integration of electronic is becoming more common place in many settings.

The days when systems acted individually through separate pieces software is reducing and advancements in software and hardware interfacing through advanced IT and network systems mean it is now possible to connect your systems through a unified platform. This in turn can simplify the processes of operators monitoring systems, provide proactive over reactive responses and can save time and money in administrative tasks.


Integrating Access Control and CCTV with Fire Alarms

With integrating access control with fire alarms, integration allows your fire alarm to signal the access control system that it needs to unlock some or all the access control doors depending on the location of dedicated fire routes. As an example, if there is a fire activation, staff can then exit the building quickly and safely following the dedicated and pre-programmed fire routes. Once safely exited, the Fire Marshall can then utilise the access controls roll call feature to determine who has been in the building and can then cross check that against who is at the fire muster point. This can be carried out manually but with the integration of systems that sit on an IT network it is possible to do this via a card or biometric reader (in case cards have been left behind during evacuation) at a fire muster point that is badged by all staff and then via a tablet, smartphone, or similar device to determine that all staff and personnel are accounted for.

Utilising CCTV integration with fire alarms can act as a good tool when attempting to identify where a fire call point has been activated or where the source of a fire may be coming from. Integrating the CCTV and fire systems has proven to be useful when a fire call point or smoke detector has been activated and this triggers an alarm back to the operator allowing them to proactively act on there protocols to evacuate the premises safely ensuring that all areas are clear of staff and personnel. This will also help the emergency services in where the source of the fire may be and assist in containing any fire and potentially limiting any damage that may be caused.


Integrating CCTV Systems

A more common integration is normally between access control and CCTV, there are many benefits to this, for example, if a secure room has been or has attempted access via the access control system, the system can trigger a CCTV camera within or outside of the room and alert an operator who can then determine if the user has access privileges or not. The systems can be unified in monitoring fire doors, secure rooms and entrance and exits as an example and can trigger basic alarm activations and/or analytical alarms to assist operators to be able to proactively respond to an event or potential breach. Utilising software mapping for the CCTV and access control and having CCTV point of sale integration if there are tills being used are excellent way of integrating systems and offering a simplified way of being able to monitor and react to system alerts and events.


Building Management Systems (BMS)

The flexibility of BMS systems means you can specify any outcome to any trigger. This also allows you to integrate your electronic security systems with your building management system (BMS). When the first staff member enters the building in the morning, the access control system can alert the BMS. The BMS can then switch on all the lights, heating or air conditioning. When the access control system locks down at night, the system can switch them off, saving time, energy and money.


Intruder Alarm Integration

Usually integrating intruder alarms with other electronic security systems is less common but not without some benefits. It is possible to setup an event whereas when an alarm is activated or deactivated then some specific access control door lock or unlock automatically. You can also have CCTV cameras that can trigger an event if an alarm door or alarm device is activated when the intruder alarm is set, this in turn can alert the monitoring centre and keyholders of the intrusion and also offer a short clip or thumbnail of the potential intruder.

Integrating your electronic security systems helps to streamline and consolidate your setup and processes. Its main advantage is the ease of functionality and administration, including your fire alarm, intruder alarm, CCTV and BMS, from one PC. Access control fobs can be set up to work with both the access control system and intruder alarm and with these systems being functional over IT and Network infrastructure the ease of remote monitoring and usability is of great benefit.


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Electronic Security Systems Integration

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