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5 Reason on why to have a Video Intercom installed in an Apartment Building

11 March 2022

Whether it’s a small, tenanted building or a multi-story apartment complex, it is imperative to ensure the safety and security of those that reside within. Video intercom systems are solid choice to streamline technology that eliminates keys, lowers potential threats, and allows more control over authorised access to your building. Here are the top 5 reasons to install a video intercom system in your apartment buildings.

Controlled Access

A Video Intercom system allows complete control over who is accessing doors, and when. Whether the call goes direct to an apartment a porter or concierge, you are able to limit access to those that are not authorised to enter and this in turn increases safety for both residents and staff. With Intercoms having the ability to include integrated access control readers, you are able to limit access to areas of a building that are not accessible to residents, staff and visitors.

Improved Efficiency

With Video Intercoms and Access Control being able to be streamlined into one seamless application for both your residents and staff. This alleviates the need to use multiple keys or remember codes for standalone, non-monitored systems and modern systems offer the ability to enter, allow entry for other and monitor via smart phone, laptops, and tablets. This includes the ability to carry out these actions remotely even if you are not in residence.

Crime Deterrent

With most burglaries carried out by forced entry, buildings with no, or limited security system deterrents are more likely to be subject to a break in.

In a residential setting, if the deterrents are clear to see with Video Intercom, Access Control, sufficient lighting, and other security provisions then an intruder is less likely to attempt to break in over a building with limited security system coverage. Many advanced Video Intercom solutions can offer alerts if someone were to approach an entry point during a specific time period and also take footage of the event.

Increased Access Control

Being able to control any unauthorised personnel from entering your building while increasing protection for your property and your tenants is, for most, the primary reason on why to install a Video Intercom system. A Video Intercom system with integrated Access Control allows your residents to authorise their own visitors’ entry to the building by allowing them to see, and identify, the visitor. You have the ability to control access to the building by the way of a database that has the credentials of residents and staff entered allowing them access and any previous residents or staff are removed from the system which in turn denies access. This is a simple and convenient way of managing people’s ability to enter the building without the need to change locks and key barrels.

Increased Perception of Safety

Video Intercom systems increase your residents and staff’s feelings of safety and security. Being able to control the entry of visitors from the comfort of your apartment or remotely can make your apartment building more desirable to potential new residents. Whether your building is in a high-crime area or not, added security is an important factor for people looking to move into a new apartment.

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